The Flower Press is a private, non-profit-making, desk-top publishing enterprise, started in 1995 by Barbara Wright to provide a means of circulating the results of her work with historical documents and of making them available to fellow academics, while still retaining intellectual property rights.

Due to the ever increasing capabilities of computers, and digital technology, The Flower Press has also been used as an outlet for the artistic skills of both Barbara Wright and Graham Wright.

The Flower Press produces:

  • Academic papers in limited editions.
  • Transcripts of medieval documents.
  • Maps of the United Kingdom and Ireland for determinate uses.
  • Calendars, greetings cards, bookmarks, business cards and stationery.
  • Display boards, posters, artwork, publicity leaflets and flyers.
  • Photographic prints and digital images.

Card - Apple Blossom           Bookmarks          Card - Timmy border collie dog