More Royal Interludes

More Royal Interludes describes Skipton Castle in the period 1322-1327.  Its former owner, Roger de Clifford, having been killed during a rebellion against Edward II, forfeited his property to the Crown.  The chapter describes some of the day-to-day routines in the castle, and the changes that the King instituted.  Skipton Castle also became the prison for some of those implicated in the 1322 rebellion, including Joan Mortimer of Wigmore, the innocent wife of one of the leaders of the dissent.  The surprising events of 1326 and 1327 resulted in a complete turn-about of fortune, and the restoration of Skipton Castle to the Clifford family.

More Royal Interludes by Barbara Wright
pages 60-65 in
Skipton Castle and its Builders   by Richard T. Spence 
(Skipton: Skipton Castle, 2002)   A5 format   132 pages

  • Author Barbara Wright
  • Publisher Skipton Castle
  • Published In Skipton, Yorkshire.
  • Year Published 2002
  • Publication ISBN 0 9506975 3 2
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