Prime Objects of Civilization: The Mortimers of West Wales

The Mortimer cartulary gives evidence of how the Mortimer family of Wigmore in Herefordshire made provision for the maintenance of family, particularly the younger sons, from lands already held, and from those acquired through royal favour and through marriage. This paper also looks at how this obligation manifests itself in their almost unknown cadet branch in West Wales. It suggests a possible origin from the senior line, and traces the attempts of the junior branch to establish themselves among the strictures of primogeniture.  Following the West Wales Mortimers through their participation in the Welsh Wars of Independence (1257-1283), and the rise to royal favour and acquisition of lands, we then witness a slow decline of potential, and ultimately a settling into the life of country gentlemen.

Paper presented at the International Medieval Congress, Leeds: 13 July 2005.

A5 format.    16 pages + map.

  • Author Barbara Wright
  • Publisher Flower Press
  • Published In Otley, West Yorkshire
  • Year Published 2005