The Last Frog

Marisa, a spoilt princess, is approaching her sixteenth birthday when she is expected to marry.  But none of the surrounding countries can provide a prince to be her husband.  An old legend about a frog prince may offer a solution - if only someone could find a frog.  Like the human princes, they seem to have been driven to extinction. Nan, Marisa’s maid, and her friend John join the hunt for this elusive creature, and find a potential solution to the princess’s dilemma that involves venturing into unknown lands.  When Marisa attempts to go with them, they are reluctantly obliged to include her in their expedition, and the quest takes them all far from home and into unexpected dangers.


Paperback, 234 pages        £7.99 + delivery

ISBN: 9781326861032                       The Flower Press      3rd edition  2017


  • Author Barbara Wright
  • Publisher The Flower Press
  • Published In Otley
  • Year Published 2017
  • Publication ISBN 9781326861032 Pb